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  • Sway Bars and What You Need to Know

    Should I disconnect my sway bar and why would I need to in the first place? If you are a seasoned off-road driver, you already understand how sway bars works. But those newer to off-road pursuits might not be as familiar. Don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed. Welcome to Great Question! – A […]

  • Member Profile: Chris Solis and his Camel Trophy Land Rover 110

    That moment when you can check owning a Camel Trophy Land Rover 110 off your bucket list… When the opportunity to own a piece of Land Rover history presented itself to Chris Solis eleven years ago, he jumped on it and hasn’t looked back.  Part adventure machine, part never ending project, Chris takes us through […]

  • Land Rover Defender Series: A (Brief) History of an Overlanding Legend

    If you’re an Overlanding enthusiast, the Land Rover Defender needs no introduction. Like the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Defender is inspired by the legendary Willys MB. And like the Willys, it has earned a place in automotive history as some of the most iconic 4×4 SUVs and trucks in the world. Let’s dive in and […]

  • PNW Adventures of a 2006 Nissan Xterra SE

    We recently took the time to talk shop with Overland Bound Member Blake M. about his Titan swapped 2006 Nissan Xterra build. Blake chose to be very hands on with his build and did many of the modifications himself. Learn how his love for snow boarding and snowy mountains was the driving factor behind his […]

  • The Lexus J201 Overland Concept is both Beauty and Beast

    Photos by Barry J Holmes The LX 570 is Lexus’ flagship SUV for a good reason. It’s powerful, spacious, ultra-luxurious, and boasts unquestionable off-road capabilities thanks to the latest Toyota-Lexus advances. That said, it wouldn’t be the obvious first choice for an Overland build, right? That’s what we thought, at least until we got a […]

  • Moving Into “Advanture” Overlanding

    When Dave and Angela Spinks decided they were going to shift gears from their overland ready Defender 110 to a setup with more comforts for cold and volatile weather, they asked themselves… Could an off-road capable and adventure ready VAN be the solution?  Words & Images by Dave and Angela Spinks Posted with permission from […]

  • Building a “Home” in a Land Cruiser 80 Series

    What do you do with your 1993 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser once the kids have left the house? You turn it into a “home” and explore as much as possible. Overland Bound Member Ofer Bruhis takes us through every decision made converting his Land Cruiser 80 Series into a (very) tiny home. Read on for […]

  • How to Pack Your First Aid Kit for Overlanding

    By Chris Solis It’s about having your first aid kit, and knowing how to organize the different parts. When heading out into the backcountry we need to be prepared for any misadventure that we may encounter. Vehicle maintenance needs to be done in advance, spare parts double checked, sleeping and cooking gear need to be […]

  • Top 14 Essential Overland Gear List

    Written by Graeme Bell Photos by Luisa Bell Your grandfather probably used to travel overland. He had a pick-up truck, a military surplus tent, table, chair and water bottles, a pile of wood and a few six packs. He threw your mom or dad in the passenger seat, a good dog, a few fishing rods […]

  • February Overland Gear Round Up

    It’s our February gear round up, and we have an assortment of overland gear that either packs up small or helps handle the packing. We asked Mercedes Lilienthal to give us her review on items that promise to deliver both high quality and size efficiency. Read on for this months review!Gear reviews and photos by […]