Podcast Episode 19 : What is Overlanding?

What is overlanding? Let’s cover this topic. Its an important topic. We want to encourage everyone to connect with nature and find their type of adventure!


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4 responses to “Podcast Episode 19 : What is Overlanding?”

  1. very short definition, marginalizes people who actually overland. First he defines overlanding as travel by vehicle then he throws out edge of the canyon, his definition includes a bus ride or Amtrack, both vehicles to travel with, and staying at the Hilton.

    In my mind overlanding is a cultural experience, you go fishing at the lake with yer buddies, you are not overlanding. If you challenge your comfort zone and meet people who are “different”…. and in the USA a guy from Arizona going for dinner in Alabama is an overlander. Some of the words best overlanders were looking for the Silk Road, meeting strange cultures and building a trade route, think Marco Polo, often called an overlander.

    People who think overlanding is travel by car…… sorry but you need to go back to school…. that is called a road trip.

  2. I was going to comment but, I’ve got to overland down to the grocery store right now for a gallon of milk.

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