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  • What is Overlanding?

    Overlanding.  It’s a term that’s been used with a variety of context over the decades.  For me, the mere mention of the word conjures images of adventure, exploration, the excitement of the unknown and the thrill of traveling to places I haven’t been before.  Opening a new tab in your browser and searching “define overlanding” will […]

  • When a Toyota R&D Engineer Builds an Overland Rig

    Dan Rich, Overland Bound Member 0582 has been an Engineer for Toyota for 30 years in Power-train Research and Development. For much of that time he has tried many different configurations on his FZJ80, which has led to the build he shares in this video. His rig is modest, but performs well, and reliably. You […]

  • Budget Built Tacoma Overland Rig

    Our friend Neil of @BWildJournals on instagram reminds us that you don’t have to break the bank to build an overland rig, and you can do something to make the world a little better along the way! Made for this rig as showcased in the video: Limb Risers Rack iPhone and iPad mounts GoPro Mount […]

  • Overland The World FZJ80 Rig Walk Around

    Ready for some overland rig inspiration? Meet Jeff and Monica Yaeger of Overland the World! We met up with them at the Overland Expo West, and we got to see their locked and loaded FZJ80 up close. Bahia de Kino, Sonora, MX June 2017 This build is one of our favorites. The thought and consideration […]

  • Off the Grid Rally II Part II

    This is a story about things not going to plan, and lessons re-learned. What you will not see in the video is days and days of kicking myself after we almost rolled our good friends Live Work Wander’s Syncro van. In the video what you do not see is all of the things that add […]

  • Conqueror Overland Adventure Trailer

    We talked in depth With Dave at Conqueror North America about the Adventure Trailer that has been blowing up the internet for a few years now, but were never available in North America. I personally have been drooling over this bit of kit and have now had the chance to see these awesome trailers in person, […]

  • Turbo Diesel Crate Engine for your Overland Rig – Cummins R2.8

    At Expo West we had a chance to talk to Steve with Cummins Diesel Repower about the long awaited R2.8 Crate engine. Around the world overlanders rely on the low and torque, efficiency, and mileage of these durable engines, now available in North America! In addition to the engine itself, Cummins Repower Program is also […]

  • Are You an Overlander?

    It’s an interesting question I heard in passing. One I really didn’t expect. What do you need to drive? What makes a trip and “overland trip”? I’ll take a crack at answering the question from Overland Bound’s perspective. Are you an Overlander? Have you seen this? It’s me, talking about our definition of Overlanding, and whats […]

  • Unperfect in Moab Part 2

    Aaaaaaaand out! After a cold night curled up next to Buddy Heater (yes we kept it going), I woke up at o-dark thirty to get us back up the hill. I did that with a suprising lack of drama, and soon we were backing up the mountain. After a good coffee stop and provision run, […]

  • Unperfect in Moab Part 1

    It didn’t all go according to plan… Corrie and I headed to Moab in December. Some things went to plan, some things did not. We also think this is life. Be prepared, but you will also need to figure it out as you go along. To us, that’s what good looks like, even though we […]