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  • Sway Bars and What You Need to Know

    Should I disconnect my sway bar and why would I need to in the first place? If you are a seasoned off-road driver, you already understand how sway bars works. But those newer to off-road pursuits might not be as familiar. Don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed. Welcome to Great Question! – A […]

  • Off-Road Kitchen: Ribeye with Jalapeno Emulsion and Cowboy Beans

    Beard Foundation Best Chef South nominee Jesse Houston is an overland enthusiast and outdoors lover who calls Jackson, Mississippi home. Houston is currently the Executive Chef at Fine & Dandy, and when he’s not creating mouth watering food (with dishes such as a Chicken & Waffle Stack), you can find him off-road and outdoors cooking […]

  • Drawer System Sleep System Plans

    Hey all, if you are interested in the drawer system plans, you can go to this page Draw System Plans If you are interested in guying parts for this system (the fancy gizmos) go here: Buy Parts To download the free plans, or submit a parts or information request. We hope it is useful to […]

  • Overlanding with Disabilities

    Overlanding in Africa can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re wheelchair-bound, it’s a whole new ball game. Seasoned traveller Louis Broodryk shares the clever ways he gets around on a continent where wheelchair access is limited and sometimes non-existent.  By Louis Broodryk Photos by Louis and Kareen Broodryk If there’s one […]

  • Overland Vehicle Preparation

    Preparing a vehicle for overland travel is specific to your style of travel, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Graeme Bell and family have spent years on the road less traveled, exploring some of the most remote corners of the planet. We asked him to talk vehicle preparation for long term adventure.  Words […]

  • The USA is Overlanding Nirvana

    Words and Images by Graeme Bell We are a South African family who have driven our Land Rover Defender to over 50 countries on four continents over 150 000 miles. We have crossed the equator four times and our children have grown up to be multicultural. We have been to Casablanca, Dar es Salaam, New […]

  • Minimalism and Overlanding

    Written by Graeme Bell Photos by Luisa and Graeme BellBack in the day, when I was a functioning member of society, I would spend every Saturday at my favorite hardware store. It was call De La Reys and now that I have traveled much of the world I realize that it was an incredibly well […]

  • When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    We recently connected with Overland Bound Member #0833, Isaac Marchionna about his mega loaded up overland rig that he uses every day as his daily driver in Downtown Portland. He gives us his insight into what to expect when you make your off-road vehicle your pavement pounder on the city streets! The Art of the […]

  • Overlanding with Your Dog: Jennifer & Monty

    Jennifer Langille has been overlanding full-time throughout the US with her one year old Vizsla named Monty. Read more about the ups, downs, ins and outs of a life on the road with a four legged friend. Story and Photos by Jennifer Langille You don’t have to look far to see wonderful images of people […]

  • What to do if a Blizzard Traps Your Car

    For many Overlanders, winter is just another season in a year-round devotion to the outdoors, and many of us enjoy the relative isolation in our favorite spots without the fair weather masses. The unexpected can and will occur, and a few tips can keep you safe.  I’ve been stuck in the snow, rescued by California […]