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  • Drawer System Sleep System Plans

    Hey all, if you are interested in the drawer system plans, you can go to this page Draw System Plans If you are interested in guying parts for this system (the fancy gizmos) go here: Buy Parts To download the free plans, or submit a parts or information request. We hope it is useful to […]

  • Nirvana is a Sonoran Skillet

    We found skillet nirvana in the Sonoran Desert. It’s salty and a tad spicy with a dash of smoke. We’re obsessed with these specialty ingredients and recipes to fire up your campfire cooking game.  Words by Overland Bound Staff Ah the campfire. That glorious pit of flickering, culinary possibilities. If the hearth is the heart […]

  • Breaking Down the Tool Roll

    Is a tool roll really THAT much better than a tool box? Yes. Yes, it is. Why? Because with one hand movement, you can see everything that you’re working with, which is especially useful when your rig isn’t working. What should be in your tool roll depends on two factors. First, and most obvious, is […]

  • February Overland Gear Round Up

    It’s our February gear round up, and we have an assortment of overland gear that either packs up small or helps handle the packing. We asked Mercedes Lilienthal to give us her review on items that promise to deliver both high quality and size efficiency. Read on for this months review!Gear reviews and photos by […]

  • DMOS Stealth: a Lean, Mean, Shovel Machine

    Gear review and photos by Mercedes Lilienthal Jackson, Wyoming-based DMOS Collective designs and sells quality shovels to help you adventure: no matter if it’s digging your rig out after getting stuck or having it handy in case of emergencies. American-made DMOS shovels can even help build jumps for snowboarding or move soil to create and […]

  • Overlanding Gear Report: Smaller is Better

    By Will Marshal Photos Barry J Holmes It is really easy to get lost in the dazzling shininess of new overlanding gear. And with all the options out there, it’s important to remember all you ever *really* need can fit inside of a Rubbermaid Action Packer in the back of your vehicle. We are all […]

  • Brick House: Dometic PLB40 Portable Power Pack Preview

    New gear from Dometic was on full display at this years Outdoor Retailer show in Denver. The biggest news on the block was the new Dometic PLB40 Portable power pack. Venturing off the beaten path of Lithium Ion batteries, Dometic is employing new tech – Lithium Iron Phosphate. LFP batteries are in the same family […]

  • Pint Size Hero: Garmin inReach Mini

    The Garmin inReach mobile GPS units have been a staple of hikers, cyclists and adventure off-roaders for years. And now Garmin has expanded the inReach product line by taking key features of the SE+/Explorer+ and packing it into a smaller, lightweight and exceptionally rugged package with the Garmin inReach Mini.  The inReach Mini features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion […]

  • Cooler vs Fridge: Which is right for you?

    Chilling Out! Fridge vs Cooler?! Overlanding has more in common with tailgating than most would think. Once the destination is reached, the task at hand turns to unpacking, setting up, and (more often than not) preparing food. Most overland vehicles are equipped to carry a wide variety of supplies and tools to allow extensive travel […]

  • Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent?

    We’ve all seen epic pictures of Rooftop Tents out in the wild and thought, “Man, that looks awesome.” But how do you know if a RTT is right for you? As with any piece of overland gear, research and understanding your personal preferences are key. Where you go, and how long you stay out on […]