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  • How to Pack Your First Aid Kit for Overlanding

    By Chris Solis It’s about having your first aid kit, and knowing how to organize the different parts. When heading out into the backcountry we need to be prepared for any misadventure that we may encounter. Vehicle maintenance needs to be done in advance, spare parts double checked, sleeping and cooking gear need to be […]

  • Top 14 Essential Overland Gear List

    Written by Graeme Bell Photos by Luisa Bell Your grandfather probably used to travel overland. He had a pick-up truck, a military surplus tent, table, chair and water bottles, a pile of wood and a few six packs. He threw your mom or dad in the passenger seat, a good dog, a few fishing rods […]

  • Tornado Driving – What to do

    We found ourselves driving through a tornado – here is what we learned.  7 Tornado Safety Musts: Go to a building Storm shelter or basement Small interior room Stay away from windows No overpasses Watch for debris Cover your head Register and log in to the Overland Bound site to download the checklist here: Adventure is […]

  • Don’t Leave Home Without This – Overland Tool Kit Essentials

    What’s in your overland tool kit? Every off-grid capable rig needs to have a tool kit capable of handling most repair needs on the trail. The kit is going to be vehicle dependent, so you need to do a bit of research on the basic tool requirements for the make and model of your vehicle. […]

  • When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    We recently connected with Overland Bound Member #0833, Isaac Marchionna about his mega loaded up overland rig that he uses every day as his daily driver in Downtown Portland. He gives us his insight into what to expect when you make your off-road vehicle your pavement pounder on the city streets! The Art of the […]

  • Overland Gear and Equipment: Don’t Forget The Basics

    It wouldn’t be painting with too broad a brush to say that most people who fall into the overlander category are overland gear and equipment junkies. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it’s natural to indulge in the wants, rather than the needs of our builds. However, there is a downside to this inherent urge: we […]

  • Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice on the Trail

    This article is a starting point to learn more about threshold braking. We hope it helps keep you rubber side down on the trails! As many of you know, Michael and I had an ‘interesting’ experience in Moab recently that involved our rig hitting a patch of ice on a downward sloping trail at night. Spoiler […]

  • Overland Gear For Winter: How to Prepare for Cold!

    Overlanding in the winter requires lots of planning, prepping and a thorough inventory of your gear. There are so many options available to help prepare for the cold, but what overland gear for winter should you focus on? In preparation for our 5 day trip to Moab this past December, we asked Overland Bound Forum Members […]

  • Downsizing from a House to an Overland Vehicle

    Words and Photos by Jorge & Jessica Gonzalez After three years of living on the road, multiple purges of the items that we carry, and a constant refinement of what we currently have, we think it’s safe to say that we kind of have a handle on what it means to travel light in our […]

  • Water – How Much Do I Need while Overlanding?

    Don’t Take Chances With Water Of all your supplies and kit, this is the one thing that will most quickly present a clear and present danger to your life if you do not get it right. Overland Bound does not like to be dramatic about overlanding and the risks and challenges you will face because that […]